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Porcelain Veneers


Porcelain veneers are an innovative dental prosthetic that is made of porcelain that is solid and durable. Since they are built to fit over the existing teeth and replace the outside chewing surfaces, veneers are extremely small.

They are used, such as small chips, to cover up minor damage to teeth, as well as other problems such as cracks, streaks, and slightly crooked teeth. For patients with healthy mouths, veneers are recommended only because they are not a restorative procedure and can not be used to treat damaged, contaminated or otherwise affected teeth.

There is a good reason why the veneers of porcelain are so common. Here are only a few advantages of Omaha Dental Care’s porcelain veneers.

Completely natural appearance and feel – The veneers are entirely indistinguishable from natural teeth. They also naturally feel and act.

No special oral care required – In order to prevent chewing overly hard items like ice, or non-food objects such as pens, caution should be taken. There are no special oral care precautions needed beyond this. Only wash and floss normally!

Non-invasive and fast treatment – It just takes a few hours for the whole operation, over just two appointments, and it’s non-invasive and painless. When you have dental anxiety, or are worried about dental surgery, this makes it fine.

Porcelain veneers are fully non-invasive, and only two appointments are normally needed for the whole application process. We will arrange your first meeting after you’ve been selected as a successful choice for veneers.

We will cleanse your teeth at your first visit and numb the places that will be treated. Then he will strip from each tooth an incredibly thin coating of enamel which will have a veneer added. This enamel coating is equivalent to the porcelain veneer in thickness. For a smooth match, it is removed to ensure that the veneer can bond seamlessly to the surface of the tooth.

Not sure which dentist option is right for you? We recommend scheduling a cosmetic consultation with us. He can discuss all of your treatment options as well as your preferences to help you decide which treatment is best for your needs. Call us today at 903-884-2321 to get started!

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