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Health Ways Laboratories is a private clinical diagnostic laboratory. It was established in 1989 with a view to provide a wide range of laboratory services necessary for patient care.


The department is equipped with completely automated instruments and cell counters for accurately carrying out routine hematological investigations. The laboratory also performs complete work up for leukemia and anemia. Besides the routine investigations, laboratory is performing and assessing bone marrows.

Chemical Pathology

The department is equipped with sophisticated automated instruments to perform full range of routine chemistry. Immunological tests are carried out both by ELISA and fully automated instruments. Quality control (Q.C.) and quality assurance (Q.A) are strictly implemented and authenticated by reproducible results from other laboratories in UK.

Special Chemistry

The department carries out hormonal assays, tumour markers and viral screening. High level of internal and external quality control is maintained.


The department provides accurate and reproducible results on clinical material within the shortest possible time. Conventional culture on clinical specimens is carried out on most appropriate media in controlled environment. Identification and antibiotic sensitivity of bacteria is reported within a short period. The department maintains a high degree of internal and external quality control.


The department provides opinion on all types of small and large surgical specimens and second opinion on cases brought for review. Immunohistochemical markers are available for common tumours. The cytopathology section carries out both exfoliative and interventional cytology (Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology) on outdoor basis allowing speedy and reliable diagnoses at low cost and minimal discomfort to the patients. The department has a tumour registry with quickly retrievable record of tumour cases since 1995.

Clinical Pathology

Laboratories give high degree of care to the routine patient samples. Automated analysers are supplemented by careful manual testing in case of doubt. Strict quality control measures are adhered to.


An especially equipped center has been provided to perform this complex and important procedure for detection of viruses, bacteria and other parameters. The procedure is carried out with exceptional care while maintaining high level of quality control.

X Ray And Imaging (ATD & PWD Branch Only)

Routine X- Rays, Barium studies, Ultra Sound and Histosalpingography are available at Abbottabad and PWD branches of Health Ways Laboratories. All examinations are performed employing utmost care and in accordance to the guidelines of Nuclear Regulatory Authority.


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