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Medicine has made spectacular progress in recent years and the diagnostic services have also made rapid strides. A number of complex investigative procedures are now easily run with true capability. Imaging services have equally become helpful in providing rapid and accurate insight and unprecedented access to deeper structures. It is however worthwhile to consider the basic point before getting swept away in the Tsunami of Technology.

A well informed physician has a pivotal role in making the final diagnosis. Physician has to be aware of the available diagnostic services and their quality and limitations. Hence, interaction between the physician and the pathologist is imperative to institute appropriate treatment to the patient. Health Ways Laboratories regularly take initiatives to provide a forum where physicians, pathologists and radiologists could come together. The program includes visits to the labs, opportunity for FAQ, discussion of individual cases, distributing educational material and collecting feedback for improvement. The pathologists at the labs are always available for interpretation of results and planning investigations in difficult clinical scenarios. As a policy, labs readily repeat any test free of charge, if the treating doctor feels that it might be in the interest of the patient. Patient materials are provided for second opinion, free of charge, if asked by the attending physician.

Health Ways Laboratories have published a number of books on the topical subjects to provide necessary information to our physicians.

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