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Troublesome Teeth

We, at Omaha Family Dental, uses the latest in minimally invasive dental procedures to easily remove teeth, with virtually no pain.

For wisdom teeth, tooth extractions are more common, where about 85 percent of all Americans had their wisdom teeth removed. Extractions in cases of advanced tooth decay or periodontal disease can also be needed.

Call us straight away if you have a sore tooth that will need to be removed. Keep reading if you would like to hear more about extraction facilities from our dentistry practise!

Normally, the healing period is very short. You can expect some pain and bleed from the extraction site for a day or two after the extraction. A moistened gauze pad will treat bleeding and should stop within 24-48 hours of extraction.

For the first day of surgery, pain is normally treated with prescription painkillers, and sometimes over-the-counter drugs such as ibuprofen may be used. Pressure after 3-5 days post-surgery should be mild.

Usually, you should feel pretty normal by the third day of the operation. You can quickly recover in just a few days as long as you obey our guidelines, such as avoiding solid foods and using straws. To guarantee that you do not suffer any injuries, such as dry sockets or broken stitches, be sure to carefully follow all recovery directions.

The vast majority of tooth extractions consist of wisdom teeth. They are the third and final group of molars that mature from 18-25 years of age.

Most of us do not have enough space for this last collection of molars in our mouths. This means they can force our other teeth to move as they grow in, or they can become “impacted” and won’t completely erupt.

This induces irritation in turn, which may also result in gum or tooth infection. Many individuals normally have their wisdom teeth removed to prevent this.

Tooth extraction is a very quick process, and in order to reduce pain, Dr. Rehan Shahid and Dr. Husnain Shahid use specialized numbing agents and procedures.

Next, a local anesthetic is used to relax the tooth that is being treated. Then he can enlarge the socket and remove the tooth from your gum, using advanced dental equipment. We then use extraction forceps to catch and take out the tooth. The extraction site is washed and disinfected after this and stitched up to facilitate recovery.

Each each tooth, the procedure only takes a few minutes. During the operation, most patients experience no pain at all though any irritation is normal during rehabilitation.

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