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General Dentistry


The first step towards dental medicine and proper oral health is general dentistry. A general dentist can perform a wide range of procedures and examinations and can also refer you to dental professionals with more specialized dental treatment, such as orthodontists and oral surgeons.

Periodontal disorder is one of the United States’ most serious oral disorders. The CDC reports that over half of all Americans are afflicted by gum disease. And this number increases to almost 70 percent in adults aged 65+. The easiest way to catch and track gum disease is with six-month cleanings and tests. But if you suspect a problem instantly make an appointment with Omaha Family Dental. Our specialists and staff will set you up with a recovery plan to return your gums to health, from mild gingivitis to periodontitis.

If you’re terrified of a dentist’s appointment, you’re not alone. Dental anxiety afflicts up to 20 percent of all Americans. We provide a sedation alternative at Omaha Family Dental for patients on request. We would also assist you with limited evasiveness by procedures. And don’t be afraid of the dentist! You should motivate Omaha Family Dental to conquer the dental distress and get the oral treatment you deserve.

We specialize in simple teeth restoration, including dental crowns and fillings, with a team of specialist dental assistants. The team at Omaha Family Dental will help, if you need a dental crown to patch a chipped or broken tooth or a filling due to tooth decay!
Perhaps after a visit to the dentist, there are not two words that are more feared. But at Omaha Family Dental, there is little to fear. New endodontic therapies are minimally invasive and regular fillings are identical. We are able to handle the infected tooth with just a few appointments to get you back on board with your oral health.

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