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Dentures are just as simple as they are effective. They are made of high-quality plastic and resin from acrylic and replicate the natural form, appearance, and functionality of your teeth. Complete dentures fit directly into your gums, while your existing teeth are normally protected with partial dentures. There are also implant-based dentures in your gum line that bind to permanent dental implants. They substitute your original teeth, regardless of the type of denture you select, and encourage you to chat, eat, and smile naturally.

Dentures, relative to other choices for tooth replacement, are very cost-effective and affordable. If multiple teeth are missing, this treatment is usually your best option. Dentures are ideal for you if:

  • You have lost much of your adult teeth already
  • Advanced tooth decay or periodontal disease can not be managed
  • Loose or unhealthy teeth are left in your mouth.
  • The teeth were seriously damaged by an impact such as a car accident

Almost always, dentures are often protected by dental insurance, whereas other restorations such as dental implants may not be. To decide whether or not dentures are correct for you, we suggest you make an appointment with us.

Not sure which teeth Denture Option is right for you? We recommend scheduling a cosmetic consultation with us. We can discuss all of your treatment options as well as your preferences to help you decide which treatment is best for your needs. Call us today at 903-884-2321 to get started!

We deliver the very finest dentures in Bluffton at our restorative dentistry clinic. Omaha Dental Treatment is where you want to be, whether you’re looking for a partial denture, or having to repair a whole arch of teeth. Do not let your oral health or your lifestyle be affected by missing teeth.

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