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Crown & Bridges

Crowns & Bridges Services at Omaha Family Dental

If you lack teeth, bridges and crowns at Omaha Family Dental might be the perfect option for you.

Missing teeth can cause a host of health complications, such as misalignment of bites and changing teeth, and can be embarrassing and difficult to conceal.

A perfect alternative is dental bridges and crowns. A “bridge” is created for an artificial tooth using two dental crowns that are attached next to the missing tooth. This restores the normal look and functionality of your smile.

Dental bridges and crowns will typically be put in as little as two visits at Omaha Family Dental, but depending on the patient, this can differ.

You’ll come in for your first consultation after our specialists have decided that a dental bridge is right for you. We will plan your ‘abutment teeth’ at this period, the two teeth next to your missing tooth.

To have a secure surface for the application of dental crowns, these teeth may have enamel extracted. The treatment requires only a local anesthetic and is minimally invasive. We will take impressions and photographs of the teeth until this process is complete.

They send these photos and impressions to a lab. The dental crowns, the artificial tooth, and the bridge system will be developed there. Usually, this takes 1-2 weeks. We will put a temporary dental bridge in place before the next visit to secure your teeth and gums.

To ensure a flawless match, the fit, finish, and consistency of your bridge will be tested and modified. Then, with dental cement, the dental crowns are firmly bonded into place and the process is complete.

Wondering if, instead of another operation, you should prefer bridges and crowns, like a dental implant or dentures? Here are some of the advantages that bridges and crowns offer:

Affordable-Dental bridges, relative to more costly treatments such as dental implants, are typically very affordable. Furthermore, most dental plans include dental bridges and crowns, but the expense of a dental implant would not be compensated.

Non-invasive– An invasive surgical technique is necessary for dental implants. However, bridges and crowns only require surface enamel removal, so they are much less invasive. Bridges and crowns might be a safer choice for you if you don’t like the thought of oral surgery.

Long-lasting- A dental bridge will potentially last 15 + years with good treatment. Dental bridges are a much safer long-term investment relative to dentures, which must mostly be replaced every 3-5 years.

Dental implants typically take 3-6 months or longer to instal, and after surgery, the jaw and gum must regenerate. Quicker treatment. In only a few weeks, bridges and crowns will typically be positioned.

If you have missing teeth, it’s important that you replace them as soon as possible. If you don’t seek treatment, you could suffer from a wide variety of oral health issues. So come to Omah Family Dental Care today to learn more about bridges and crown fittings. Dr. Rehan Shahid or Dr. Husnain Shahid will examine your mouth and provide you with all of the information you need to get the treatment for missing teeth. Contact us today by phone at 903-884-2321, or visit our Omaha Clinic at 607 Ray Jacobs Omaha, Texas 75571. We look forward to seeing you!

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