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Cosmetic Dentistry

Bonding And Contouring

Dental bonding is a method of tooth reconstruction carried out by applying to missing or damaged teeth a small amount of resin. To secure the tooth, this resin is molded and restores a perfect, attractive look. For broken or chipped teeth, dental bonding is usually used.

Dental contouring is also provided by our experts. A small amount of enamel is lost to reshape a tooth in this process. Dental contouring gives a simple, cost-effective beauty alternative if you suffer from mild chipping or damage to your teeth!

Your teeth will be washed to continue your procedure and our dentists will use special dental equipment to prepare your tooth ‘s surface for bonding. Next, the tooth will be added to a resin material where it will be sculpted into the correct size and form. If this stage is complete, We can use UV light to harden the resin. It will trim and change the hardened material until it looks and sounds much like a real tooth. Usually, this whole procedure only takes 30-60 minutes.

Dental bonding could be a good choice for you if you have mild cosmetic complications with your teeth, such as holes in your smile or stains that can’t be healed with whitening. For people looking to improve their smiles with non-invasive care, dental bonding is a perfect therapy. In addition, since bonding only takes two appointments, for those who are looking for quick, beautiful outcomes, this is a good choice. Schedule an appointment at Omaha Family Dental to figure out whether you’re a suitable choice for bonding and explore the other choices for cosmetic surgery.

We offer a full scope of restorative dentistry administrations to our patients. Our medicines incorporate teeth brightening, dental holding, enameloplasty, facade, and Invisalign so regardless of what restorative issues you might be hoping to address, we have you secured.

Corrective dentistry can treat practically any tasteful issue with your teeth, from screwy to deformed, chipped, and lopsided teeth, and that’s just the beginning. Timetable your counsel today!

Dental bonding, based on how much you care about your teeth, will last anywhere from 3-10 years. The lifespan of your bonded teeth can be extended by cleaning and flossing regularly and visiting us for daily six-month dental appointments. Chewing on non-food items with bonded teeth is often important to avoid. Do not use bonded teeth as devices in some packaging to unlock packets.

There are a few steps you can take for bonded teeth, beyond cleaning, flossing, and seeing the dentist on a daily basis. With a mouthguard, it is important to fix teeth grinding and clenching, if present. In addition, the bonded teeth should resist biting and chewing hard foods. Do not chew non-food products or use your teeth to open packaging or packets as instruments.

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